Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cross Country Schooling

On Tuesday, a group from Stoneybrook went schooling at the Northwest Equestrian Center in Rainier, WA. There were eight horses plus a small group of family members to watch. The weather was questionable all morning, and when we got there, it was raining pretty steadily. But by the time we signed forms and unloaded the horses, the sun was peeking out. We got rained on a few times, but ended the afternoon with more sunshine. What a great day!

Here's me and Jack over our first jump of the day. He picked his knees up so neatly. I guess he knows that these jumps won't fall over like the ones in stadium jumping!

Here we are jumping a ditch. Jack was fabulous and went right over it. He's definitely looking at it, though. I had a hard time not looking down at it, too!

We jumped several of these jumps in this field. It was really fun jumping one jump and then galloping to the next! This was great practice for the show in May.

This water complex was really fun. Some horses don't like water, but all the horses were happily splashing in and out of the water. We all jumped this little log in the water and also practiced a bigger log right after one of the out ramps from the water. That was cool to canter through the water, up the bank, and over the log.

After a day like this, it is hard to believe I only did dressage for so long! Eventing is so much fun, and it's especially great to spend a day with a group of friends on our horses :-)

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great. Good job,Dave? Did you go along? Your comments are very nice to read along with looking at the pictures.It makes me think of doing agility with the dogs. It's a good way for Jack to play and have fun.