Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pony Club Rating Prep

A bunch of girls from Stoneybrook are going for their next Pony Club rating this summer. Alex and Alyssa especially have been riding a ton to get ready for it. Stacy and I went to watch on Saturday and Sunday and cheer the girls on. I took a bunch of pictures of Alex and Cody in their dressage class. Somehow I never took any other pictures. Oh well!

Here's Alex's parents, Eric and Janet, with Alyssa, Stacy, and Ting. We were all freezing! It was really windy and chilly. We were all underprepared for what the weather threw at us all day. It rained, was windy, then sunny, then snowed. Crazy Washington weather!

Here's Alex and Cody. They looked great! You will notice she is riding without stirrups. Not easy to do, believe me.

We were all numb from the cold after watching Alex, so we warmed up in one of Donida Farm's tack rooms. Here's Stacy, Ting, me, and Alyssa. It was cozy!

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