Monday, April 7, 2008

Molly and Dylan Love Agility!

Molly and Dylan have been very happy to be back in agility classes with Lisa Selthofer. They both are super excited to get up on Saturday mornings, and they start to pester us that it's time to leave no matter how early it is. They both whine and cry in the car on the way over, so I'm glad the ride is only about 3 minutes long!

Molly is a little rocket! The more excited you get, the faster and more frantic she gets. Here she's jumping 16", though we'd like to get her in the 12" classes. She may be just a hair too tall, though. Either way, she's a great jumper!

I love Dylan's face in this picture. He's smiling and his ears make him look like he's taking off to fly!

Maybe his is! He's just flying over this jump. Dave got a ton of great pictures in this session. Dylan ran really smooth for Dave on this day. Dave is really good at getting his front crosses in. He makes it look easy even though Dylan is not easy to keep ahead of!

Overall, we all look forward to class. It's fun to run around outside and all play together. Maybe we'll try showing the dogs this year, but if not, we're still loving agility!

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