Saturday, April 5, 2008

March Visitors

Mom and Dad came to visit on Easter for a few days. We saw the "Salmon Thirty Salmon" on the way to the airport! I was really excited that Dave spotted it, and even more excited that I captured in on my camera. How handy to have a pocket-sized camera for this very situation! I love this plane. It's very clever. Our second cool 737 sighting at the Seatac airport. We saw the Shamu plane two years ago.

We went to the Future of Flight museum in Everett one day. Here's Dad, Mom, and Dave standing in front of a 777 engine. It's huge! I wanted to stand in it, but I suppose they frown on that without supervision. You can see people must do it sometimes, because there's a pad inside the nacelle.
This is at the museum entrance. It was a good way to spend a chilly day. It was almost like being at work, though, because it was all Boeing related displays. Maybe we should have counted it for work instead of taking vacation ;-)

The trip was too short, but fun to have Mom and Dad around for awhile. Molly and Dylan loved having "Grandma and Grandpa" around to take them for walks every morning!

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Anonymous said...

Just don't turn the engine on while we're standing there!