Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alyssa's Fan Club

On Saturday, May 9, Dave and I drove down to the Northwest Equestrian Center with Stacy, Ting, and Dylan to watch Alyssa's XC ride. We had a fun road trip down, with a quick stop at Starbuck's for a caffeine jolt. Alyssa did great; she and Josh went clean and were 3 seconds under optimum time, so they ended the day in 3rd place! We spent the next few hours watching prelim and intermediate rides, shopping at the tack tents, and visiting.

Here's Susan, Stacy, Alyssa, Dave, Ting, and Dylan (though you can't see him) walking the course. I think Dave's yelling something, not sure what though!

Dylan especially had a great time with Ting. She loves dogs, and is great with him. He got to run around with her and get lots of pets and hugs both at the event and in the car. Look at that smile!

Here's Stacy, Alyssa, and me. Stacy and I plan on being Alyssa's grooms someday if she ever goes pro ;-)
Going to watch made me more excited for my one day event coming up this weekend! It's going to be back at NWEC, so it'll be familiar territory. Can't wait!

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