Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! To celebrate, I made sugar cut out cookies, and then Dave and I frosted them. It was fun and a good way to finally use some of the letter and number cutters I have :-)

Here we are about to enjoy some of our creations. We look sweaty and gross because we ran after we got home from work and hadn't changed yet.

I made a bunch of heart shaped cookies to put all around the word ones. I had a good picture of the whole layout, but Blogger wouldn't let me post it turned the correct orientation. How annoying. So you can just imagine how these two racks of cookies look around the pan! Everyone at the barn was excited to see me show up with a cookie container! That's one good thing about my love of baking: having people to share it with!!

We didn't make any big plans for this year's anniversary. Next year will probably have something fun planned since it will be 5 years!! We are going to go out to a movie this weekend, so we'll have to make it an anniversary "date" :-)


Jeanie said...

Best wishes to you both. I'm glad you have such a good life in Seattle. Jeanie and I sure like Kentucky. We went to Keeneland race track several times in April for the racing season, and we went again on Derby day. It was funny to have 14,000+ people there and no horses, because they were all at Churchill Downs, 80 miles away. We watched the races on the Jumbotrons, bet, and won a couple. I didn't win on the Derby, because I bet on the underdog ( I love driving through the countryside on all the narrow, twisting Kentucky roads and seeing all the horses. Our state really is just stunning. We flew out to Las Vegas recently. Jeanie had a conference, and I went along. A plus was that I got to see Nick. We had a great time. He has such a great job. Adam is doing quite a bit of traveling in his new job as a brand manager for New Balance, so perhaps he'll make it out your way some time. I'm flying to Minneapolis in a week to conduct some research at an advertising agency, so I'll get a chance to see your dad, Heidi.

Best wishes,


Nancy Lilienthal said...

ok I am sorry that I am not visiting your blog enough to see the cookies! They looked yummy!!
Celebrating at home with your dogs would be just fine with me also!!
Love, Mom