Saturday, February 28, 2009

Helmet Cover

I have been attempting to make myself a helmet cover since last year when I went to my first show in May. I made one, it was horrible, so I made another. That one was marginally better, but I didn't have enough fabric on the bottom to add elastic, so I just taped it into my helmet for the show. Since then, I have been determined to figure it out and make a good one.

I was able to borrow a store bought one to look at as an example, and I decided to start from scratch. The seams were different on the store one than the two I had tried to make last year. So I made a pattern out of tissue paper, mimicking the seam lines but making it fit my helmet. I made sure to plan ahead for elastic and left more fabric on the bottom. The elastic was the hardest part. I couldn't quite get it to bunch evenly, but it works. Once I got the cover to sit smoothly on my helmet, I moved onto the decorations. Ever since I was a kid I liked the chevron helmet cover pictures in the tack catalogs. I made the chevrons out of a satin fabric with interfacing ironed on the back to give it more structure for my machine to sew through. I really like how it turned out!

I can't wait to get all my cross country stuff on and ride! Shows and schooling will be so much fun this year!


Micah said...

I'm so impressed with your awesome skills! Baking,'re like Martha Stewart without the pretentious New England accent or that pesky felony charge!

Heidi said...

I laughed so hard at your comment! Thanks, Micah :-)