Monday, February 2, 2009

Super cookies

Grrr! I can not for the life of me get these pictures to post correctly! They are horizontal on my computer but keep showing up vertical. Any tips? I am putting them up anyway because I am sick of trying since Monday (it's Thursday despite what the date above says!)

We went to a party for the Superbowl, even though we weren't really cheering for either team. Everyone ended up wanting the Cardinals to win after awhile, but I guess we picked the wrong team!

I whipped up some cookies to celebrate. Who knew I would ever have a good reason to use these cookie cutters?

Maybe not the most accurate helmets, but they still look cute, and the colors turned out exactly as I hoped! I used buttercream instead of royal icing because it was faster and I can't find my book with the icing recipe!

They were sooooo good and everyone ate way more cookies than we should have eaten. It was fun hanging out with friends and I actually enjoyed watching the game since there was a lot of action!

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Micah said...

Seriously, you could open your own bakery with the cute cookies you bake! Let me know when you do, and I'll move and do all your marketing copy!