Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dressage and Dog Jackets

I have been on a dressage kick lately. My past few lessons I have been jumping, so I finally let myself do dressage for a few days in a row. (It's my favorite!) Jack has been amazing! He is getting much lighter in my hands and is really stepping underneath himself and using his hind end.

This is unfortunately the best picture I got from my ride on Saturday. I wish I had a good one from his trot work, but I felt like posting a horse picture anyway!

The other thing I did last week was make a dog jacket for the Ryan's new dog, Lanson. I have never made one like this before. I have made a polar fleece sweater for Dylan but that was from a pattern. This one I made by just taking the measurement from his neck to the base of his tail and around his girth. Then I sketched out a shape on tissue paper, cut it out, and traced it onto polar fleece. It is double layered, so he will stay nice and cozy! I just used polar fleece that I had on hand and some left over Velcro that I had bought to fix Jack's fly mask. I was nervous that it might not fit around his neck, but it actually fits quite perfectly!

It felt nice to give him a cozy jacket so he won't be shivering around the barn anymore!

My other sewing project that I am working on right now is a helmet cover for cross country. I will post pictures once I finish it. It's coming along but I have to figure out how to attach the brim part and make it look nice. Working on it is making me excited to go cross country schooling! Go away winter!

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Melanie said...

I love that picture of Dylan below!!! He is too cute!!

Look at how talented you are! That fleece sweater looks great on that little doxy. :)