Sunday, January 18, 2009


Is Dylan spoiled if this is just a part of his squeaky toy collection? He absolutely loves stuffed dog toys with a squeaker in them. Even though he can't hear the squeak, he likes the feel of the squeaker squishing in his mouth.

He will choose one toy and stare at it, waiting for someone to kick it for him. He's a shepherd, not a retriever, so he doesn't always bring the toy very close to whoever is supposed to play with him. When he is waiting for his toy, Dylan can be very narrow-minded and patient. He will stand or lay down for minutes on end until someone gives in or simply notices him waiting.

Then, snap! As soon as the toy is kicked up in the air, he springs into action and snatches it out of the air. Even though we question his eyesight sometimes, he has extremely good eye-mouth coordination whenever he is playing.

Then, of course, the waiting starts all over again. "Daddy, won't you play with me instead of taking my picture?"

This Old Navy bear is his overall favorite, but he rotates through all the toys. His new favorite right now is a lamb that Megan and Aaron just bought him. The way to Molly's heart is through food, but the way to Dylan's heart is a fuzzy new squeaky toy!


Melanie said...

I love that picture of the spring tulips in your post below!!!

Dylan is too cute! My dog is only allowed to chew on his bones, because when you have kid toys lying around, it gets too confusing for the dog as to which toys are his, and which toys are theirs! least the sun came out today! :)

Micah said...

He's such a good-looking dog. I think he has Dave's bone structure.

Pony Girl said...

So cute! I used to dogsit a retriever that loved big stuffed animals. He's walk around with his big polar bear in his mouth all day. It was so darn cute!
My parent's dog likes squeaker toys, too. She'll get ahold of them and shake them rigorously back and forth....thinking to a timely death, perhaps? ;)