Friday, October 31, 2008

San Francisco Highlights

We only spent one day of our trip in downtown San Francisco. It was a whirlwind, but we got to see the most important things on our list. We only got lost once when we drove off our map! Thankfully Dave and I are a good team and have above-average senses of direction, so we got back on track fairly easily. The weather was gorgeous and we had fun!

Here is the classic Golden Gate Bridge shot. It was impressive, and I do like the color choice! Seems like most bridges are blue, green, or gray so I like the Golden Gate's uniqueness.

We had to drive through a huge group of adorable Asian tourists to drive down windey Lombard Street. I think it's safe to assume our rental car was in every one of their pictures. They all seemed pretty excited to see someone actually drive back and forth down the insanely steep street! I didn't even try to take this shot at an angle like I do sometimes, the car was just that slanted!

We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands. We like visiting lighthouses on the coast, so we (mostly me) braved a narrow suspension bridge to walk out to the Point Bonita lighthouse. It had a great view!

My first request when I found out we were going to SF was to visit the houses from "Full House." If you watched that show back in the 90's you will know what I'm talking about! They were adorable, and seemed pretty true to how they had the house laid out on the show. But I would like to know what their backyards look like. I don't think they have as large a yard as the Tanner's did!

Can you tell that I'm excited to be there? Watch the Full House intro here.

I will have to post more pictures from our trip later. The race and Monterey were a lot of fun, too!

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