Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aaron and Megan Visited!

My sister, Megan, and her boyfriend, Aaron were here for a few days last week and over the weekend. They both had two interviews with companies because they are MOVING here at the end of October!!! I am just a little excited ;-) They both had good interviews and I can't wait for them to come back!

We like to decorate cookies together, and they even came prepared with Halloween sprinkles. There are some cute cookies in these pictures, and you can tell which ones were decorated when we got tired... hehe!

Dylan and Molly both love Aaron and Megan. Dylan especially has fun with Aaron because he always plays fetch and scratches him just how he likes.

I took Megan and Aaron to the barn to see and ride Jack. Jack was grumpy this day because he was wet and I put the saddle on his wet back. He's pretty sensitive, he doesn't even like being brushed, so this was no fun to him. I warmed him up and then put him on a lunge line so they wouldn't have to steer. Megan did pretty good posting and even did a little cantering! Aaron trotted a little and did pretty well.

Here's Megan sticking out her tongue at the camera. She had to wear Dave's hiking boots because she didn't have any barn shoes and my shoes are too small for her!

Dave is flying one way to MN on October 24 and driving back with Aaron and Megan. They are driving a car and probably a U-Haul truck towing the other car and wanted to be able to rotate drivers. Google Maps says it is a 16 hour drive!


photogchic said...

Hope they beat all the snow in the passes driving back. So exciting to have family be close again.

Pony Girl said...

What fun! I love the cookies! My friend makes the best sugar cookies and butter cream frosting.
How old is your sister (younger or older than you?) How fun to have them moving your way!!
Poor grumpy Jack....I think this fall weather makes horses grumpy, too! I know it affects my spotted pill! ;)

jesterjigger said...

Those are some festive cookies! Yuuuuum.

Alison said...

That picture of Aaron and the dogs is wicked cute!!!

Heidi said...

PG: Megan is 24, I'm 26.

Alison: you should be here... it's even cuter in person when they get together!