Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Adorable Dogs!

I just love my dogs! Dave and I were playing outside with them after I got home from the barn yesterday. As usual, Dave had his camera with him, so I grabbed the dogs and had him take a few pictures. Dylan is always happy to cuddle, but Molly is the typical independent Sheltie. So I had to force her into it. Good thing she is little and easy to hold!

Dylan really got into the lovin'. He would not stop kissing me once I wrapped my arms around him!

Then Molly had enough. She went galloping off after Dylan. She looks like a rocket in this shot, absolutely flying after Dylan!

She can be sweet, and poses nicely for the camera when asked.

I love my doggies!


Melanie said...

I am so excited for you that your sis is moving over here! How fun!

Thanks for the link to the photo site...I will check it out as soon as I can.

Your dogs are too cute. I still need to post a picture of my old dog Spanky (lethal white) for you to see. Shelties are fun little dogs, aren't they? We had an Aussie/Sheltie mix when I was a kid, and talk about a bundle of energy!

photogchic said...

Very cute. Lucky for us Dave had that camera...great pics of the "kids."

Kristie said...

Cute pictures!!

I'm not bring Isis OR Grady! I'm bringing Sackett, the horse I've been taking jumping lessons on. I ride him twice a week. He's very well trained and has been teaching me the ropes of jumping. We've been schooling at or a little above three feet. Grady is just learning how to jump, but today he jumped 2'7"!!

jesterjigger said...

What great pictures! You all look so happy, and photogenic!