Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walking Is Fun!

Molly, Dylan, and I went on a walk today on the path in our neighborhood. We usually run on the road, but I wanted a change of pace. The dogs like to sniff in the grass on the path, and I'm sure they liked the new scenery, too!

Here's Molly. This is about as happy as she ever looks on a walk. She usually spends half the time looking over her shoulder to see who's following us. She's a very paranoid walker!

They usually have to walk next to us on the road, but I let them walk in front of me when we go on the path. They feel like adventure dogs this way! Dylan just happily trots along. Molly keeps tabs on him while she checks over her shoulder. I think they look so cute walking next to each other!

Here's a view down the big hill at the end of the path. It goes along underneath the power lines, so you have to listen to them crackle the whole time. It was sprinkling a little off and on, so that really makes them noisy!

Dylan just loves walks! This picture is a little out of focus on his face, but it really shows how happy he was to be out exploring.

I had fun spending time with the dogs. I haven't been able to ride Jack since Sunday because he had an abcess in his left front heel. That one is finally getting better, but today he's ouchy on his right front! We think it's another abcess. So another day stuck inside for Jack, and another day of not riding my pony for me :-(


The Knutson's said...

Poor Molly! She does look a tad bit! I had a 1/2 Sheltie, 1/2 Aussie when I was a kid, and he was one of the best dogs ever.

Dylan is precious! I need to put a picture of my lethal white Aussie on my blog one day. She looked a lot like Dylan, but her coat was really thick.

Bummer about your horse :( Hopefully he heals quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog and i love the picture of the 5 of you on the edge. What a great pose for the horse - you guys are okay (LOL)- but the horse is wonderful... and the dogs look like a lot of fun.