Friday, August 8, 2008

Minnesota Summer

We had a great time in Minnesota! Unfortunately, it was an unplanned trip because my grandma passed away. Fortunately, Grandma was 94 and lived an amazing life! I want to get some good pictures to post of her because she was a great grandma. My sisters and cousins and I always had such a blast at her house, so it was fun to reminisce with my huge family!

Erin, Megan, and I all participated in the service. Erin did the Bible readings, and Megan and I brought up communion. My uncle, Dan, spoke about Grandma and made us all laugh and cry. It was wonderful to be with my family!

This is most of the gang. My aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, and sisters tend to make it difficult to fit us all in a camera frame! I guess it was a good thing not all the husbands and little cousins could make it. Kidding! It would have been amazing if everyone had make it, but in a big family, that's hard to do!

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center is a fun place to visit downtown. In all the time Dave and I have spent in Minnesota, we never made it down to see the famous "Betty Crocker Spoon" as my family calls it. It is actually called Spoonbridge and Cherry. Dave didn't think my self portrait skills were good enough to fit us and the sculpture in the frame, but look how talented I am? One try, baby! That is the Basilica of St. Mary in the background. Such a beautiful church!
We went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Sunday before the Twins baseball game we had tickets to that afternoon. My whole family loves Star Wars, (yes, we are dorks) and had fun seeing the actual costumes and props used in the movies. Here is Dave's Vader face. Are you scared yet?

The Twins won the game and moved into first place in our division, which explains the #1 on the cake. My sister, Megan is really good at decorating cakes. She used to work at Dairy Queen and learned her skills on their delicious ice cream cakes! Dave's 28th birthday is coming up on the 24th, so my family had a celebration while we were all together. We love celebrating birthdays!

As usual, there were too many things to do and not enough time while in Minnesota. Every time we go back, I'm reminded how much I love my family and it makes coming back to Seattle very hard! I love living out here, but it would be so easy to just move back and feel right at home. I'm sad that Grandma died, but she gave me one last gift of a wonderful trip back home that I wouldn't have made otherwise :-)


Alison said...

Yummmmmm cake made by the Stuhlfauts....

The Knutson's said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandma. It sounds like she lived a long--and prosperous!!-- life.

Glad that you were able to go back and visit your family. Hey...since/if you can't move back there...have any of them considered moving out here? Although, why would they want to, I guess...other than to see you of course!?!?

When my family moved out here, from Illinois, my grandparents and a couple of uncles moved out here too, so you never know :)
Happy belated birthaday to Dave!