Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Cookies

We had a surprise birthday party to go to this weekend for Kim, one of our friends from the barn. It was a barbecue but we all brought something to share. I always like having an excuse to bake, so I decided to make sugar cookies. Amazingly, I didn't have any birthday shapes in my box of 101 cookie cutters. So I did horses, dogs, and stars just for the fun of it. Ting, my riding instructor's daughter, decided to come help me decorate them. She picked the colors that we used. Not surprisingly, she chose pink, purple, and turquoise- her favorites and all, in different combinations, her cross country colors. We had fun with the frosting and sprinkles. She had never used pastry bags to decorate with frosting, but turned out to be a natural!

Here are the trays of cookies. It was boring to just do realistic colored dogs and horses, so we got creative!

Here is Ting with one of her favorites just before she at it! Everyone at the party enjoyed them, and they were quickly devoured! Guess I can't wait to make some more :-)


sidetracked said...

Great job on the cookies. You can come and bake and cook for me anytime cause I HATE it! Your so creative, I envy people like you.

The Knutson's said...

OK...I second!!!
Do you want to borrow my kids next time you make cookies? They LOVE to cut them out and decorate...teeheehee!!!!

I just do not have the patience ;)

Alison said...

Yummmmmmm I've always appreciated your baking skillz. I agree with your friend on making me some cookies, although, you'll have to send them via snail mail... :)

Heidi said...

Aw, thanks! I wish I could send them to you all through the screen. I'm craving one right now myself :-)

jesterjigger said...

What fun looking cookies! I love cookies and making them, but generally lose steam halfway through decorating them and it ceases to be fun.