Monday, September 8, 2008

Lincoln Creek Horse Trials

This was a busy weekend! On Saturday Dave and I sealed our driveway. How fun! Haha. We had been waiting and waiting for consecutive weekend days with nice weather so we could do it, and it finally happened. It was sunny and mid 70s all weekend... absolutely perfect for all outdoor activities! The driveway turned out perfectly. Dave even had a neighbor come over and ask who we had do it for us. That was a compliment!

Stacy and I went for a crazy trail ride on Saturday afternoon. Jack spooked across the road at a bag of leaves, was a nut on the trails, and then spooked and half reared into the road on the way home at the same place. He apparently hasn't been working enough with all those abcesses! When we made it safely back to Stoneybrook, I worked him for a long time in the indoor to get some of his energy out. We had a lovely, forward trot, and some nice canter work too. He was very light and straight, so I guess it turned out good in the end!

Sunday morning we left bright and early at 7 am to drive down to Centralia to watch Alyssa, Ting, and Anne in the Lincoln Creek Horse Trials' stadium phase. Once again, the weather was gorgeous and we had fun watching everyone.

Here is Alyssa and her Thoroughbred, Josh. They were in the training half star and were awesome. They even moved up from 5th to 2nd place. Good job, guys!

Here is Ting and her horse, Tristan. Ting was grinning the whole time like she always does when she's riding. They had a fast round and moved up to 3rd place. Way to go!

I had a lesson on Jack today. We finally got to jump! He still pulls coming off the left lead, but we got a few really nice jumps off the left, and coming off the right was great. I just need to get comfortable letting him alone and not giving him any resistance to pull on. I am going to work hard on jumping this winter. He's so much fun!


jesterjigger said...

Sounds like it was a productive weekend! That's so cool about jumping again, I would love to jump with Sophie, but need to find a saddle that fits her first. At least I can take my time since I have a dressage saddle to ride in in the meantime.

Melanie said...

Eeewwww...sealing can be a lot of work!

There must be something in the air that is causing our horses to act all crazed ;)

What a fun show, and congrats to your friends for doing so well.

Have you ever ridden at Happ's before (the place where our trail challenge was)? I am just curious because they have an cross country course there.

J at said...

OK, I came here through the black box, but my fantasy is to learn to jump like this, equestrian style. I'll be reading more of your blog to see if i can figure out what is involved in getting started. :)