Friday, September 26, 2008

Iowa State Recruiting Trip

I have been lucky enough to be on Boeing's college recruiting team for four years now. I get to go back to my school, Iowa State University, to help work the booth at the gigantic Engineering Career Fair that is held every year. This year, I flew out early so that I could spend Saturday and Sunday with my mom and dad. They drove down from Minnesota to see me. It was so fun!

Here we are before they left on Sunday. We had fun walking around campus and Ames, going out to eat, and watching a movie.

Everyone who visits ISU's campus has to take the token picture with the Campanile in the background. It's the most iconic structure on the beautiful campus. I love how it chimes on the quarter hour. During the school year on weekdays, there is a musician who plays music at noon every day. It sounds so pretty!

This is Morrill Hall. It is one of the oldest buildings on campus. Iowa State just celebrated it's 150th anniversary, so that is pretty old! This building was always closed during my career at ISU because it was in such bad repair. It has now been renovated and I finally got to go inside! It is beautiful and I was so lucky to finally see inside it! It houses several museums and a student success center. I hope students love using it as much as I loved it from the outside!

This is the historic water tower. It is not functioning anymore but is actually listed on the Historic Landmark list and towers over many engineering buildings.

No visit to campus would be complete without visiting Lancelot and Elaine. Iowa State has always had a pair of swans and they are always named this. Iowa State loves traditions!

Here are two of my fellow Boeing recruiters, Julie and Nick. We were proud of our booth set up, can you tell?

The career fair was the craziest one I have ever been to. There were five of us, and we all seriously talked for six hours straight with no breaks. So many students wanted to find out about internships and jobs with Boeing. I barely moved from the same spot for at least the first three hours before I was dying for a drink of water. We talked to some really great people, and even though my voice was gone by the end of the night, it was fun! I love talking to people and telling them that Boeing is a great place to work!

I had a lot of fun seeing campus and Ames again. It was such a great place to go to school! But I was really happy to head home on Wednesday to see my family! Hope I get to go again next year.


Kristie said...

Wow! I love the looks of that campus...

That's cool that you work for Boeing; my dad has worked with them in the past. He's a mechanical engineer and works for BAE (what used to be United Defense) and has collaberated with Boeing in the past.

Melanie said...

How fun to return to your Alma Mater...I think that I spelled that right! :)

What a cool, old, campus1 I LOVE college campuses. Most of them are really unique.

Glad that you got to visit with family and friends as well.

photogchic said...

What a great trip home--your old life meeting with your new one. A little walk down memory lane and a chance to show other students the possibilities out there for them...very cool.