Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Zonked Out

Dave found Dylan sleeping on my crappy couch from college one day recently when he got home. I may have said this before, but one of the cutest things about Dylan's deafness is our ability to catch him sleeping. What is cuter than a sleeping puppy? Now, I can't say this looks particularly comfortable, but Dylan frequently sleeps in weird positions. See one of my original posts for some other examples.

Isn't all the blood rushing to his head? I love how his ears are flopping out. We always feel bad startling him awake, but his happiness to see us usually overrides the shock pretty quickly!

While I'm on the subject of my deaf Aussie, I found a website yesterday for a lethal white Aussie rescue that is located in Arizona. When we first got him, I never would have guessed there were enough dogs like Dylan to have a rescue dedicated to them. It's amazing how similar some of the dogs look like him! I'm glad that other people out there that know how wonderful these dogs are! Dylan is the best!

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