Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

Melanie, from The Knutson Family blog, tagged me to share six things about myself that you may not know. I am excited that this is my first tag ever, so thanks, Melanie!!!

1. I am a Minnesota Wild hockey fan, a Minnesota Twins baseball fan, and a Seattle Seahawks football fan. However, unless you are there in person, I hate actually watching the games! It's so agonizing to watch, that I'd rather just know the score after the game is over. I hate the feeling of disappointment and wasting my time if my team loses. Guess I'm not the best fan in that way!

2. I have two sisters. Megan, on the left, is my younger sister. Erin, on the right, is my older sister. We are 24, 26, and 28 right now, though this is a picture from a few years ago. They are my two best friends and I miss them since we live so far apart!

3. When I was in middle and high school, I leased an Appendix Quarter Horse named Buddy. His show name was Ima Jaguar Too. We exclusively did dressage. When I first started riding him, he was scared of the white poles of the dressage arena, so getting to recognized training level shows was quite an accomplishment! My heart still aches a little when I think about him. He is still at the same stable, and I hope he is doing well. He was my first horse love!

4. I am 100% scared of frogs! I know this sounds like a silly irrational fear, and I agree. I just can't get over their sliminess and the way they jump at you. Yuck! I couldn't even put a real picture of one on here, it disgusted me too much! Give me spiders and snakes any day.

5. I am an engineer at Boeing. I work for the 737 program. We make the cute little planes, as I like to call them! It is thanks to my mom that I became an engineer. I always really liked and was good at math and science. She always told me I could do something in a technical field like engineering. It is definitely important for young girls who are good at math and science to be encouraged to follow what they like, even if it may not be "cool" for them to do so! We need more women engineers in the world!

6. Dave and I have a goal to visit all 50 state capitols. I also want to visit all 50 states, period, so this will help accomplish both goals! I have been to at least 30 states already, but we've only been to five of the capitol buildings so far: Minnesota (pictured above), Wisconsin, Iowa, Washington, and Oregon. I think it's cool to hear the history and see how different the buildings are. I'm not a big history buff, but I think it's amazing how varied our country is, and I want to see it all! So far, Minnesota was my favorite building. It's beautiful, but I think I might be biased since I grew up there!

I don't know who hasn't been tagged yet out of the blogs I read. Seems like everyone has done a post like this recently. So if you are reading this and have a blog of your own, I am tagging you! Let me know if anyone does a post because of me!


The Knutson's said...

Yea!!!! I am glad that you played along, and no, I do not mind if you have a link to my blog on your blog...whew...that was a lot of words!!!

I have three sisters, and we are pretty close too...most of the time :)

I think that it is GREAT that you are an engineer. See??? Girls CAN do math and science! I have a lot of math and science in my background, but I am happy to say that I only have two more math classes and I am done...for good. Just not my thing...heeheehee!!

The capital thing is the perfect excuse to travel, and you can learn a lot while you do it!

Do you ever hear how your old horse is doing?

Pony Girl said...

Hi Heidi! Of course you can post my link, I'm honored!

That is AMAZING you make planes. Okay, so now I feel better about flying since you make them, LOL! ;)

Where do your sisters live? Hopefully you get to visit often. Since my horse is at my sister's, well, I get to see her all the time, like it or not! Hee! :)

Heidi said...

Thanks to both of you!

I don't keep in contact with my old barn. There were a lot of politics there, and I kind of left with a bad feeling. I have heard from a friend who stayed there a few years longer than me that Buddy is now doing 2nd and 3rd level dressage with a man. Who knows if that is accurate, but good to hear he's kept progressing!

PG- I am a slightly nervous flyer, but since working at Boeing, it's actually gotten better. It's awesome to know how careful everyone is when designing and certifying the planes. So you should feel pretty good about flying!

Oh, and my sisters both live back in Minnesota. At least all my family is still together so they are easy to visit all at once!

jesterjigger said...

Ok, you need to come to Columbus in the next year, I'm just an hour away and move in March! I love the Sheltie, my favorite color of dog! I'm a Civil Engineer and it's funny, when I was stationed in NJ I was the only female officer that was a Civil Engineer, but then when I was stationed in Korea it seems like half of the officers were women (6/13). I actually majored in environmental engineering and 3 of the 4 people in my major were women.

Alison said...

I like your traveling idea... if I knew that, i would have made you go to the capital of Kentucky when we were there!! :)

Heidi said...

JJ- how far are you from Lexington, KY? I'm planning on going to Rolex next year! That's awesome that you are an engineer, too. But it's amazing that you have had such a high percentage of women everywhere! And yes, Shelties are awesome!

Alison, wanna go to Rolex again? Wink, wink ;-)

Becky said...

Hey Heidi, You know you are always welcome to visit Joel and me in Indianapolis. I can take you downtown to see the capitol building and everything!!!