Sunday, January 27, 2008

Heid and Jack's First Show

On Saturday January 26, Jack and I went to our first show. It was a schooling show up in Woodinville at Gold Creek Equestrian Center. We were in a combined training class, so we did a dressage test and a show jumping round. It was a good learning experience, and Jack was a superstar! He was so well behaved and had a blast in show jumping!

Here we are at the end of our dressage test, just before the halt and salute.

We had to wait out in the rain between show jumping classes. Thankfully the snow held off until we were about ten minutes from home.

This is Jump 2 of our round. Jack was pulling the whole round. He wanted to go fast!

Jump 5A in the background and two strides to Jump 5B. Can you tell I'm having fun? Jack's expression gives him away, too!

Jump 8, with two to go! We went clean and got third place in our class. It was great to know Jack is so well behaved at a new place. Of course we are biased, but Dave said Jack looked like the best horse there!

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Amanda said...

That looks like a BLAST!!!