Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Cookie Bake-a-thon

I baked cookies for 8 hours back in December to give as gifts to some of our friends. It was a fun day, especially since I got some help with decorating!
Stacy came over to help me with the sugar cookies. She hadn't made them before without the help of her mom, so it was a learning experience! My best advice is from good old Alton Brown: keep the cookie cutter on the cookie when you scoop it off the counter with the spatula. (Or pancake turner, as Mrs. Epstien would say, right Mom? Hahah) That way, it will hold it's shape until it is on the pan.
Precision decorating of the cute gingerbread men. We didn't make any women, sorry girls.
Stacy decorated the trees amazingly with the sprinkles. She individually placed each of those larger round ones! She kept saying she wasn't a good decorator, but the cookies indicate otherwise!
Here is a completed plate of cookies. Makes me hungry just looking at it! Christmas is the best excuse for baking!


Amy Pittman said...

Those look delicious, Heidi!

All I remember from Ms. Epstien besides horrifying sex-ed flashbacks is the Spatula vs. Rubber Scrapper talk and her pronunciation of "groceries".

Mom said...

Heidi, It's still a spatula to me. I still say the "spatula of the month", too.
By the way. Ms. Epstien still teaches at Simley.