Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cars Galore!

We went to the Seattle Car Show on Friday November 2. It was really fun to see all the new 2008 cars. Dave especially liked the Porsches (obviously) so he spent a lot of time looking and sitting in them. This is me sitting in the Saturn Sky. It's a nice little convertible, but I think I'd like a Mini even more! Dave drove a Gran Turismo simulator which was pretty cool. The whole thing moved. I think he'd like to have one for our house, though I don't know where we'd put it ;-) We also spent some time walking around downtown Seattle, which is always fun. It was a fun way to spend a day off from work!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi!

I enjoyed seeing your photos from the car show. Dave looked like he was enjoying himself in the simulator; I laughed at the safety chain!

You looked so happy sitting in the Saturn Sky. Pretty.