Friday, November 9, 2007

The New Blog!

So I have been really dragging my feet on updating our website. I have ideas for what I'd like to do, but no energy or excitement to actually do the work. There's so many things I'd rather be doing. Like playing with the dogs or riding Jack. So I thought a Blog might be the way to go for something that was already formatted, and was easy to add updates. Let me know if you like the idea!


Amanda said...

Hey, it is a really cute layout, but i'm not promising how often i'll check it. Unless i'm reminded, i'm not too good at going out and looking. If i save the link, once in awhile i'll go look, like i do for your website.
My teacher has been bugging us to start using "social media", but I'm a slacker and haven't had the gumpion yet. More power to you!!

Paul Stuhlfaut said...

Hi Heidi!

Good idea to use a blog. Megan and Aaron used it for Europe and I thought it worked for them. It's very cleanly designed; not busy. The fonts are Trebuchet which are good ones and easy to read.

Thanks for sending us the blog site.

Love you so,

Erin said...

I loved being able to see your pix without downloading them from another website etc.. this was very cleanly laid out and it's going to be one of my regular stops when I go online. Miss you Heidi/Dave!! Hi, Molly and Dylan!! Love, Erin